Grilled Grapefruit

Yes, I grilled a grapefruit. Chances are, you are probably making a look simliar to the one my husband gave me when I told him what I was about to do, knife and grapefruit in hand. But, if you keep reading (and better yet, actually make this recipe), I will make a believer out of you as I did him.


My dad made (and still makes) a version of this by broiling the grapefruit instead of grilling.  I say give both broiling and grilling a g-fruit a try and have a side-by-side comparison. Let me and my dad know the results....we have a trophy riding on the outcome.  

I don't always love grapefruits, but the caramelized sugar cuts the bitterness nicely.  I ate two of these.  

Okay, now on to the recipe....

You will need: 

-Grapefruits (as many as you wish to make) 

-Coconut sugar, honey, maple syrup or whatever you fancy as a sweetner (though, again, I strongly suggest staying away from refined sugars) 

-Coconut oil

-Grill pan (or a regular saute pan would be find)


1. Cut the grapefruit(s) in half, sprinkling each sliced half with 1 1/2 teaspoons of your sweetener of choice (give or take on how sweet you want it).

2. Heat a tablespoon of coconut oil in the pan over medium high heat until the oil is hot. Put the grapefruits sliced side down and just wait. Check occassionally to see the the sugar has caramelized to your liking. Every stove top and pan will be different in how long it takes, but mine took about 7 minutes to be evenly grilled. 

3. Plate and garnish with fresh raspberries or cherries. 



If you are wondering what in the world is on my toast behind the grapefruit, its mashed avocado with salt, pepper, a little lemon juice, red pepper flakes, pepitas (pumpkin seeds) and hemp seeds. This was literally my breakfast this morning. I started the day full and happy.