Salad in a Jar


If you haven't noticed yet (doubtful), I have a deep and true love of mason jars. They hold our toothbrushes in the bathroom, act as a vase for flowers on the dining room table, are used as our drinking glasses (jelly jars are the perfect kid-sized glass, by the way), and (of course) hold our food. Using mason jars in a bazillion different ways isn't a new thing around the Pinterest block, but transporting pretty salads in them is such a handy-dandy idea that it still deserves a little blog love.

Mason jars are the perfect size for pretty much every lunch bag or just to store a single serving size of most meals. Especially salads. You can see all the lovely ingredients of the salad shining through the glass, begging you to gobble them up.

To make this salad in a jar, I layered pomegranate seeds, carrots, chickpeas,  spianch, avocado, blueberries, and blackberries.

Hint: When adding dressing in your Salad in a Jar, put it at the very bottom of the salad. That way, when you are ready to eat, you can turn your (capped) mason jar upside down and let it drizzle over all the salady goods so it is evenly distributed.

Taesha Butler2 Comments