If you can't be an obnoxiously adorable mom who makes art out of her kid's food at Halloween....when can you be? Exactly, so I'm taking this holiday and running with my healthy food art.  Don't worry, it'll be over soon.

The other day, my daughter was oh-so-pleased to see a "Boo"nana staring back at her from her breakfast plate (yes, complete with the pepitas spelling out "Boo!"). Seriously, guys. I think this simple little treat made her week....and they are as easy as squishing some chocolate chips into a banana (because that is exactly how you make them).  


"Boo"nanas are one of the simplest healthy Halloween treats (next to clementine "pumpkins")  that you can create for your little ghosts and goblins squeal that will make them squeal with joy without turning them into little sugar-crazed beings.

Does it have a little chocolate? It sure does. But considering that your kiddo will be too busy nomming on their boonana to even notice all the processed Halloween crap they are missing out on, you can let them have 3 little chocolate chips and still call it healthy.  You only live once and if you can't enjoy a few chocolate chips stuck in a banana from time-to-time, than what can you do? 


bananas, peeled

a few small chocolate chips (this is the kind I used)

a few larger chocolate chips


  1. Take two small chocolate chips and push them into the flesh of the banana to create the eyes.
  2. Take one large chocolate chip and also push it into the banana to create the mouth.
  3. Enjoy immediately. If you are creating these for a party and would like to make them ahead of time, I recommend creating them as close to the party time as possible. Store in an air-tight container in fridge. To minimize oxidation (or "browning") of the bananas, you can also sprinkle the bananas with orange or lemon juice before storing.