My Favorite Margarita Recipe + A Healthy(ish) Cocktail Roundup

There is a time to eat salads and to drink green smoothies. And then there is a time to let your hair down, relax a little, kick up your heels, and sip on something downright fun and 21+.  Your celebratory drink of choice can be boozy or it can be fizzy with a twist, but either way celebrations can be enjoyed in a healthy(ish) way. My husband's tried, true, and amazing homemade margarita is my cocktail of choice.

Real Food Maragrita

 Let's be upfront and frank for a moment. Booze in and of itself is not healthy. There is just no way around that. It is something that should be enjoyed and savored when appropriate and in moderation. However, alcohol (in my humble opinion) certainly doesn't need to be banished from your real, whole food life if you don't want it to be. Life is short and health is all about balance and not deprivation.  You just need to know how to mix a good cocktail with quality ingredients.

Real Food Margarita

These margaritas are simple and made from simple ingredients, which is what makes them so great. There is no junky sour mix involved, just delicious fresh lime juice, natural sweeteners, and good ol' fashioned tequila in this margarita recipe.  Shake it up in a traditional cocktail mixer or throw it in a regular mason jar with a lid and some ice, but just make sure to enjoy in moderation and responsibly. 

Unlike other recipes, cocktail recipes are measured in...well, measures. Measures can be anything that you want. A small glass. A measuring spoon. Whatever is small. My husband uses a standard shot glass when making his margaritas and this recipe makes us two margaritas. How big your "measure" is will depend on how many servings you make. 


1 measure lime juice

1/2 measure Triple Sec

1/2 measure agave or maple syrup

2 measures of good quality tequila


1. Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker or mason jar with a tight fitting lid. Add some ice and shake vigorously for about 10 seconds.

2. Rim glasses with coconut sugar or sea salt (optional) and add more ice (optional)

3. Portion out margaritas into prepared glasses and enjoy immediately.

Need a few more cocktails that skip over yucky ingredients? I found a few for you and organized them into a nice little roundup. Before I start handing you all these awesome healthy(ish) cocktail recipes, I am going to say this about my stance on alcohol as part of a real food lifestyle. Skip the crap. The junk that you don't consume on a daily basis because its full of artificial chemicals and colors should also (again, in my humble opinion) be steered clear of when enjoying the occasional adult beverage (like the soft drinks and the mixers that are so neon in color they glow under a black light). There are many many cocktails out there that are tasty, buzz worthy, but won't leave you pumped full of gross chemicals at the end of the night.

Here are a few that I suggest....

by Zenbelly

by Zenbelly

from A calculated Whisk

from A calculated Whisk

Blackberry Smash from A Calculated Whisk

from Butter Nutrition

from Butter Nutrition

Spiced Red Sangria from Butter Nutrition

from The Whole Smiths

from The Whole Smiths

Blackberry Bramble by The Whole Smiths

Spicy Honey + Grapefruit Margarita from The Whole Smiths