My Favorite Lunch Box + Giveaway! *CLOSED*

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Whenever I post a picture of Alice's lunch box on Facebook or Instagram lately, I inevitably get the question "Where did you get her lunch box?!" I was surprised that so many people have yet to hear about PlanetBox, but I suppose I have an unfair advantage being a teacher and professional lunch box gawker (true story). I've watched PlanetBox lunch boxes come in and out of my classroom for years and have envied them long enough that I finally sucked it up and bought one for my own child.

Why am I so ridiculously in love with them? For five very good reasons. 

1) They are made of stainless steel. You may have noticed that we don't really use much plastic in my house. That's because I really like to keep it out of our lives as much as possible, especially when it comes to things that touch our food! So PlanetBox is the perfect alternative to plastic containers. It holds up better than glass containers when it is inevitably dropped by little hands and PlanetBox is dishwasher safe....a must for my busy family who would much prefer to hang out together rather than do dishes.

2) My preschooler can open it herself. This issue was that was brought to my attention by a kindergarten teacher I'm friendly with. She mentioned that young children spend so much of their time at lunch or snack trying to get containers open that they lose valuable minutes to actually eat the food packed for them. Teachers and aides are often present to help, but if your child is too shy to ask for help or if there are many kids needing a hand, your child might not get into that tin of carrot sticks fast enough to eat them during the lunch/snack period. PlanetBox is easy enough for my daughter to open on her own (once I showed her) and then all her food is there to be enjoyed. No fumbling or wasting precious minutes during mealtime.

3) It is compartmentalized. This lunch box reminds me of my beloved muffin tin meals, all sectioned out so my daughter can easily see her options in front of her. Plus, it encourages me to practice portion control and be creative enough to fill each compartment with choices for her. I truly believe the more healthy choices a child has at meal time, the more empowered they feel, and the more likely they will be to eat those healthy foods. I even love the tiny "treat" compartment. It reminds me to give my daughter a little something fun to enjoy in her lunch and she loves picking what I'm going to fit in that little space. 

4) It's reusable.....obviously. It's called PlanetBox for a reason, friends. You wash it and use it over and over again. No plastic baggies going into the trash can day in and day out. Mother Earth will kiss you for not adding to her landfills in the name of packing healthy lunches for your kiddos.

5) It stands the test of time. Now, mine is new to me, but I've seen PlanetBoxes coming through my classroom for years. Before forking over my money for one of them (I won't lie, they aren't cheap), I asked a few of the parents I knew who used them how long they lasted for. They all told me they had only bought one for each child because it didn't seem to fall apart. They would occasionally buy new decorative magnets to fit their child's evolving interests or carrying case if the other got dragged behind a backpack too much, but the box itself really lasts for years!  

In case you guys are wondering, no, PlanetBox did not sponsor this post. But when they heard how much I loved their product and how many of you wanted one of your own, they offered me a PlanetBox Rover  (one of the styles I own and use) to give away to my followers!

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