These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: Inspiring Foodies to Follow on Instagram


I, like many many many other people in the world, have a deep fondness for Instagram. Being a self-defined visual and artistic person, it's a never ending stream of stunning and inspiring photos from incredibly talented people across the planet really appeals to me. I'm  one of those obnoxious people who scrolls through her Instagram feed while standing in line at the bank or grocery store, ogling the interesting things other awesome people are up to (or claim to be up to). 

I like the idea of having a periodic "These Are Few Of My Favorite Things" segment on TNN, sharing things I fancy that might not work their way onto the blog in another fashion. I felt that this segment should kick off with sharing some of the people who inspire me.

 Some of my favorites are probably well-known feeds to many, while other's are incredible gems that I think are just waiting to be discovered by so many other IGers.

@goeatyourbeets  - Trisha tells an incredible story on her Instagram and her blog about healing her son with a GAPS diet. Her feed is peppered with gorgeous food, as well as beautiful  shots of her life in Nebraska. Not only is she talented with her photography and writing, but Trisha is just one fine lady who truly wants to help and connect with her followers. 

@tracyshutterbean - Tracy makes me want to eat my phone at least once a day. She captures the beautiful simplicity of french toast or a sandwich with her camera in a way that makes you feel like you are at the table with her.  

@wifemamafoodie - Jocelyn tells stories with her food the way people do with words. Her creative twists on food are always inspiring and her feed looks like the endless pages of a stunning food magazine.  

@raeofsunshine - For all of you who are thinking abut veganism, are vegans, or just like food that's pretty to look at as well as eat, Ashley is a lady you should be following. She is passionate about the vegan lifestyle and has a boatload of recipes on her blog that will feed your eyes as well as your belly in a nourishing way. 

@howaboutcookie - if you are a parent of a small child, Selena's feed will keep you inspired and entertained with her incredible child-friendly food art, as well as her hilariously honest commentary.

@cookathomemom- I love the story that Laura's feed tells about raising and feeding a family in Virginia. Her pictures will have you rushing to the grocery store so you can recreate them yourself, wondering why you hadn't thought of that flavor combination earlier! 

@100daysofrealfood - Lisa's blog is one of several that helped me on my journey to transitioning my family to a healthy, whole foods lifestyle. Her Instagram feed is full of lunch box ideas, things that inspire her, and the happenings of a family leading a healthy, whole life. 

 @weelicious - another account parents must follow! Catherine shares her child-geared dishes that are so colorful and diverse, most adults will be inspired for their own meals. If you are ever again stumped on what to pack your kiddo for lunch, Catherine's feed will get your creative juice flowing.

@plantstrongvegan - Margaret is a lovely and creative lady who focuses her vegan passion on eating as clean and unprocessed as possible. Her feed is an endless source of inspiration and food porn for me. Vegan or not, you're going to want to eat everything she creates. 

@realfoodbydad- simple, beautiful food made by a dad with great ideas, awesome taste, and a strong passion for feeding his family quality noms.

It was so hard to cap myself off at the nice, pretty number of 10 accounts, as there are many others that are oogle worthy. But I'll save sharing those other  talented folks for a rainy day...or for when I can't think of anything interesting to cook.

So, ladies and gent, who do you love to follow? Who am I missing out on? I feel like I'm discovering incredible accounts daily and would love for you to help me to discover some more! Share your hidden Instagram gems with me!