Candyless Easter Eggs

Guys, our holidays have been candy. Candy has weaseled it's way into pretty much all of our holidays, slowly taking them over with their refined sugar and artificial ways.  Easter, poor Easter, is one of the biggest candy-riddled holidays. 


Holidays are a special time, of course. They are indisputably a time for celebration, remembrance , and tradition. A time for togetherness, joy, family, and friends with feasts of lovely food. However, somehow, candy has stolen the spotlight in many of these celebrations. I'm sure this mutiny started out slow, way-back-when during a time that candy and sugar were rare and truly an occasional treat. It's understandable that holidays are the time people chose to enjoy the foods they love, but can't indulge in daily.

Well, folks...times have changed. Candy and sugar are far from rarities these days. Sugar literally seems to be everywhere and in everything. And the candies of today are faaaaarrrrrr from the beautiful candies made from real ingredients that our great-grandparents used to savor. The majority of today's commercially prepared candies are loaded with artifical flavors, colors, and preservatives. Oh yes, and sugar. Lots of refined, white sugar. 

Now, don't get me wrong. I definitely think a holiday is a time to enjoy a treat. But make it a good treat. A treat that is made with love, care, craft. Homemade peanut butter (or sunflower butter) cups for example. Or hand poured chocolates. Or a really good slice of pie made with whole ingredients. Now, those are the goodies worth brining to a celebration with the people you love.


So, those Easter eggs. How do you get around those little domes that are traditionally filled with the offending candy previously mentioned? You get creative! My daughter (and any other child I have ever prepared Easter eggs for) is so excited about the egg hunt and the fun goodies inside that the lack of junky candy isn't even noticed! There are no tears shed on Easter Sunday over the lack of jellybeans. But there are squeals of joy ringing through my house over fun stickers, beloved berries, and tiny toys. There are many, many non-candy alternatives to fill those buggers with.


So many, in fact, I made you a list! And I'm sure I didn't even scrape the surface of all the creative and fun non-candy options that you could fill an Easter egg with. Consider this a jumping off point for getting the candy out of your Easter...or at least some of it. 


Healthier Food Easter Egg Fillers


-whole fresh strawberries



-cherry tomatoes

-dark chocolate chips

- whole wheat crackers

-whole wheat pretzels  

-Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunnies

-kale chips


-pitted dates

-baby carrots

-small cuties  (may require larger Easter eggs) 


Nonfood Easter Egg Fillers


-dress-up jewlery from The Dollar Store

-matchbox cars

-fun socks (may require larger Easter eggs) 

-mini bubbles

-crayons (may require larger Easter eggs) 

-small rubber duckies  (may require larger Easter eggs) 

 -hair bows/soft headbands

-fun bandaids

-sidewalk chalk (may require larger Easter eggs) 

-Puzzle pieces (this would be really fun for an older child. Hide one piece in every Easter egg. Once they have found all the eggs, they have a puzzle to put together) 

-Love notes from the Easter Bunny or you