Watermelon Mint Slushies

7-Eleven has nothing on these slushies.

Watermelon Mint Slushies

 I think watermelon just might be the official fruit of summer. You guys know I'm right. There is no way you can look at, smell, or enjoy watermelon in any form without thinking about sunny afternoons at the beach or dinner picnics in the park until sunset. So now that it is officially summer, I'm diving deep into all the watermelon creations I've been dreaming about during fall, winter, and spring. Brace yourselves, guys. Seriously. You've been warned. 

Watermelon Mint Slushies

There is a reason that watermelon is such a big part of summer celebrations, and its not just because it is in season during those scorching months. If you haven't noticed, summer gets a wee bit warm. And when it gets hot, your body needs extra water to keep you hydrated for all those outside summer shenanigans. Lucky for you guys, watermelon is mostly water. 92% water, to be exact. So of course watermelon is an awesome thing to be creating refreshing, summer slushies out of! Not only is it sweet and tasty as can be, but it actually is helping your body stay hydrated. And since mint and watermelon is a dynamite flavor combination, I just had to throw a few leaves of my favorite garden herb into the blender as well. And strawberries, just for good measure. Is there anything strawberries don't make better? 

Watermelon Mint Slushies

I'm going to tell you guys a secret. I don't have a fancy blender. People are always asking me what I use when I post a smoothie recipe and the answer is my handy dandy Kitchen Aid Blender that cost under $100. It treats me well and, while I dream of one day owning a Vitamix, my faithful ol' blender does the trick every time. So don't feel like you need to have the Cadillac of blenders in order to make and enjoy a frozen beverage this summer.

Makes 4 servings


5 cups of watermelon, cubed and frozen

1 cup of coconut water

4-7 mint leaves (depending on how minty you like)

2 cups of frozen strawberries


1. In your blender, combine the coconut water and mint leaves until the mint is well chopped.

2. Add frozen watermelon and strawberries and blend until smooth.

3. Pour into glasses and enjoy immediately. 



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Watermelon Mint Slushies