What I'm Eating: Week 4

What I'm Eating Week 4

Meal planning saves my behind every week, guys. I know exactly what to buy at the grocery store (otherwise, I'maimlessly wandering the farmer's market or grocery store aisles, buying everything we "might" need (wasting my money and time).  I know exactly what to cook (or for my husband to cook) for dinner at the end of a crazy day when my creativity and motivation are tapped, helping me resist the urge to get dinner out (and again, saving me money!). The weeks that I don't meal plan are rough and I'm always kicking myself come Tuesday night for not taking the half hour the weekend before to meal plan. Meal planning is such a simple and amazing tool in making healthy eating doable in a busy life and I highly recommend that you guys do it....

Or, just use my meal plans (because I kind of have it down to art form at this point)! Once you see how much a weekly meal plan simplifies your life, you'll be hooked and making up your own! But allow me to give you some inspiration for the week with my own personal meal plan for the week ahead.

1. Curry Lentil Soup. No need for a side with this soup, as it is incredibly hearty and warms you down to your toenails. My husband has been making this soup for years and has perfected it the hundred or so times that he has cooked it. To make it kiddo friendly, I'd recommend cutting the amount of curry powder in half (at least, until they learn to love curry). 

2. Easy Fish Taco with Honey-Lime Cabbage Slaw. Since moving to California, my husband has become quite obsessed with fish tacos. He proclaims we can never leave the area simply because he can't live with good fish tacos in his life. This recipe looks like a great way to recreate them at home in a tasty (and beautiful) way! You could use any sort of tortilla with them, but I love to keep it gluten free and make my own with cassava flour and this recipe from Downshiftology. 

3. Crockpot Pinto Beans with  Confetti Cauliflower. Easy peasy meals are a great love of mine and this meal couldn't possible get any easier (or budget friendly!). The beans are infused with amazing flavors as they spend the day cooking in your slow cooker and the cauliflower side comes together in minutes, kills it in the flavor department, and is so pretty to have hanging out on your plate!

4. Chickpea & Avocado Lettuce Boats with side of fruit salad. I love to save this meal for the night I really don't feel like cooking...because there is no cooking required. Just mashing. So, maybe save this meal for a night you've had a tough day at work, as not only will dinner get made but you'll also get your frustrations out in a healthy, productive way! This dinner is simple, tasty, and full of plant goodness!  

5. Easy Peasy Gluten-Free Pancakes, avocado slices, and hard boiled eggs.  Remember I said I love breakfast for dinner? These pancakes are so simple, filling, and easy to make...since they are made totally in your blender! They are naturally gluten free and full of fiber since they are made with simple rolled oats. Paired with some healthy fats in the avocado and eggs, they are a great easy dinner to keep you going until breakfast the next morning! 


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