3-Ingredient Brownie Bites

Chocolate and I share a not-so-secret love affair. So these super easy, quick, and magnificent tasting 3 Ingredient Brownies Bites are pretty much my favorite thing in the world right now. 

3-Ingredient Brownie Bites

These bad boys taste just like brownies, but they are made with 3 simple wholesome and real ingredients. No added sugar to make these brownies sweet and heavenly, just the natural sweetness of dates blended with the perfect amount of cacao or cocoa powder to create a melt-in-your-mouth chocolaty flavor. This batch of brownie bites almost didn't get rolled into bites, as I kind of wanted to just eat it straight out of the bowl....with a spoon....a big one. But, I practiced self control long enough to be able to snap a few pictures for you guys. 

One reason I really love and adore these 3-Ingredient Brownie Bites that they are...well, bites. They are portioned out into a perfect healthy amount. So, when your sweet tooth gets to calling, you can grab one (okay, maybe two) to satisfy your craving or to enjoy with a nice glass of wine, and then save the rest for another day. 

I know someone is going to ask and even more people are wondering: Yes, these absolutely have to be made in a food processor. Dates are too tough on even the most diesel of blenders, so please don't kill your Vitamix by trying to make these in them. It won't work. Seriously. These brownies bites are delicious but not worth the several hundred dollars it would cost you to replace your fancy schmancy blender. If you don't have a food processor, I highly highly recommend you get one. It makes so many piece of real food cooking easier! This is the one I own! 

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3-Ingredient Brownie Bites


1 1/2 cups of walnuts, shelled

1/2 cup cacao powder OR unsweetened cocoa powder

1 1/2 cups dates, pitted


1. Pour shelled walnuts into your food processor and run until finely ground. 

2. Add the cacao or cocoa powder to the food processor and run again until the powder is thoroughly combined with the walnuts. Pour into a medium bowl and set aside. 

3. Place the pitted dates in the (now empty) food processor and run. Make sure you evenly distribute the dates in the food processor. Dates are taxing on food processors and we want not make the job harder on this beloved (and needed) appliance. Run until the dates are well chopped and form a ball in the food processor. Now, brace yourself.  This step might cause your food processor to shake. Just hold it down with your hand for your own peace of mind and it'll all be over in a minute or two. 

4. Once the dates have formed a ball in your food processor, add the walnut/chocolate mixture to the food processor and run until everything is well combined.  The mixture may appear crumbly. That's fine.

5.  Using clean wet hands (this helps the date batter from sticking to you) smoosh and roll the date mixture into golf ball sized bites. Arrange them on a plate or cookie sheet. 

6. Once done rolling the bites, pop them into the freezer for an hour to harden up a bit. After, you can garnish them by rolling them in a little extra cacao/cocoa powder, but this is an optional step! 

7. Store in an air-tight container for 7 days in your fridge or freezer ..though I doubt they will last that long.

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