Books & Documentaries That Inspire Healthy Change

Books & Documentaries That Inspire Healthy Change

My journey to a whole real food way of eating started with me watching Kris Carr's documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer. From there, I watched another documentary on health and nutrition. And then another. And another. I felt the wheels of curiosity turning in my head and I simply couldn't stop wondering about the incredible power food has on our health, happiness, quality of life, and our planet. After I had watched everything I could find, I started picking up books, reading those as fast as I could get my hands on them. All of the documentaries and books had different opinions, theories, and perspectives...but I did notice one common message among them all:

Cut out the crap. Move your butt every day. Eat real food.

So even if you don't want to read a single book or watch a minute of any documentary I am suggesting here, that is the general message you should take away from this post (and, frankly, my whole damn blog). But since you are still reading, I am going to assume you are interested in actually hearing about what books and documentaries I recommend to inspire healthy change in your life...


In the Defense of Food

The China Study

The Omnivore's Dilemma

Grain Brain

Brain Maker

Crazy Sexy Diet

The Body Book

It Starts With Food

Folks, This Ain't Normal

Nourishing Traditions

Hint: If you are thinking "Taesha, when the heck do you find the time to read!?" The answer is audio books, my friends. As much as I like turning pages of a book, as a busy working mom, wife, and blogger...time is of the essence. I will often have a hard copy of a book that I am reading during my down time and an audio book I listen to when my hands are busy, but my mind is not. Many of these books are available on CD or Audible and can be enjoyed while driving, packing lunches, running/walking, doing dishes, or doing whatever you want to do while educating yourself!


Crazy Sexy Cancer (of course)

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (on Netflix)

Fed Up (on Netflix)

Forks Over Knives (on Netflix)

No Impact Man

Hungry For Change (on Netflix)

A Place At The Table (on Netflix)

GMO OMG (on Netflix)

Desert Runners (on Netflix)

Food Inc. 

More Than Honey (on Netflix)


 I am not a doctor, nutritionist, psychologist, or anything that really qualifies me to tell you what to eat....just a lady who has walked the walk of finding her way up from crappy health, eating habits, and lifestyle choices to a woman who munches on kale chips, finds running to be her stress relief, and whose health is so radiant that people often think she is considerably younger than she actually is. These books and movies inspired me to think about the way I was living my life and several prompted great change in what I do everyday. I listened to the stories and information they had to share and held onto what resonated with me. Still, none of this makes me anything but a healthy bookworm....and you can (and should) be one too.

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