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Why I Planned to Breastfeed My Daughter....and Then Didn't

This is not a pro-breastfeeding post. Nor is it a pro-formula feeding post. Its a pro-mommy post. A post about finding balance and your own way in motherhood. A post about planning to parent one way, and then discovering that way isn't going to work for your unique life. It is a post about why I had every intention in the world of breastfeeding my daughter when she was born....and then didn't. 

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Teaching Children to Try New Foods: The Rice Roll Lesson

This fun, simple and engaging lesson plan is not only a wonderful way to get your kids into the kitchen...but might also be the nudge they need to embrace new foods.

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11 Children's Books That Celebrate Differences

Differences are a beautiful thing and should be celebrated....and helping children learn that starts at an early age.  Books are a wonderful tool for helping children see that the world is filled with many different kinds of people. Here are 11 books that I love and adore that celebrate differences in a kid-friendly, down-on-their-level kind of way.


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4 Tips For Raising Thankful Children

Helping children develop a sense of gratitude and thankful nature is a priceless character trait that will follow them all through life. And as we adults know, being thankful for the little things in life will get you through some of those hard times when it's hard to keep your chin up....but how do you instill that perspective of thankfulness in children?  Here are 4 strategies I use with my own daughter and students to help them learn thankfulness...

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School Mornings: Tips For Getting Out The Door On Time

The hustle to get out the door in the morning is many parents' most dreaded time of the day. It can be stressful. There honestly is no other way to put it. But, it doesn't have to be. Really! There are ways to help school mornings go by with a bit more ease, organizations, and structure.

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