How to Get Started with Essential Oils

So you’re curious about adding oils into your life?

Awesome, you are in the right place! I think once you try them out, you will fall as madly in love with them as I have!


After I bought my Young Living (you can read here why I use YL) starter kit , I suddenly discovered so many incredible ways oils could change how we were living. From being able to make cleaner, healthier products to use around my home, to supporting my family’s emotional wellness.

Essential oils go so much deeper than simply making your house smell nice…they can be incredible for making non-toxic living and wellness easier and more affordable!

After the initial investment in your Young Living starter kit, you are going to adore how you can use your oils to ditch the chemical-riddled products that are likely kicking around your house and replace them with natural (and simple!) DIY products that cost pennies to make!

Are you ready to start your oily journey? Yes! You are going to love these as much as I do?

Not sure where to start? Well, in my book, the best place to start is with with a starter kit!


To get started with essential oils, the ideal and most economical way is to buy a premium starter kit.  Yep, a kit. A kit full of the staple oils that you will use time and time again and in so many ways. It will really show you what essential oils are all about and when you buy a kit, you save a TON of money over buying the oils individually! In your premium kit, you'll get hooked up with 11 of YL’s most loved, most used oils, a diffuser, and oodles of samples and lots of information to get your started and guide you. 

Here is how to get your premium starter kit:

Sign up to become a YL member. Don't worry guys, there are no monthly fees, NO pressure to sell (ever), no minimum that you have to buy each month, no commitment or strings attached when you become a member. You are simply creating a login in...thats it. But with the added perk that being a member gets you, like access to the starter kit (which is discounted by about 50% just for you) and it also gives you 24% off all YL products.

Sign up here. 

If you don't want to sign up as a member, you can sign up as a retail customer. HOWEVER, as a retail customer,  you have access to the YL oils. BUT the MEGA DOWNSIDE is do not have access to the starter kit (or that 50% off deal) or the awesome discounts members get. I personally went the Member route, since it just made more sense to me and I wasn't committing to anything.

How to Get Started with Essential Oils
  • Awesome. Now that you're all signed up, you can select the Premium Starter Kit. It is the only one that comes with all those amazing essential oils I've been raving about ! Select your diffuser of choice. The Desert Mist Diffuser is the one that comes with the kit, but some people opt to upgrade to fit their style a bit better!

  • Next, decide if you want to be part of Essential Rewards. Personally, I recommend this because is an AWESOME program, in my book! It is an autoship program for Young Living where you get to customize your order each month AND earn points towards FREE PRODUCT! Think of it like Frequent Flyer miles. If you are super jazzed about oils and natural products (everything from cleaning products, to makeup to supplements) and know you are going to be buying more, opt to join Essential Rewards (or ER) so that you can start banking those orders towards FREE oils or other awesome YL products (like their amazing toothpaste or dish detergent). It is totally optional and is something you can opt out of at any time with a quick call to Customer Service. PLUS, you kit order counts towards your first Essential Rewards order…so you start banking those points towards free products right off the bat!

  • If you are jazzed about the kit but are looking to add a few more oily goodies to your order, I highly suggest Joy (we all need help finding our happy place now and then), Cedarwood (sleeeep), and KidScent SniffleEase (the KidScent line is prediluted for children ages 2-12).

  • Now comes the hard part...WAITING. Once you decide to take the plunge into exploring oils, its hard to wait to start! But the wait will be worth it, pinky promise! I'll help you pass the time by being in touch! Let me know when you're all set and I will send you a little welcome kit and some other goodies from me!! ❤❤ Plus, I will make sure to add you to the Facebook group, Hello Essentials, I am personally in. This online community has been a game changer for me understanding how to get the most out of my oils, as there are so many people to support you and give you suggestions on how to use, love and navigate these new oils in your life! The tribe you find when you join the YL community is astounding. A huge network of people there to give you ideas, inspiration and all hours of the night. Trust me, I have hit them up for ideas at some weird hours and am always blown away by the incredible support I receive! You might buy the oils, but the community is free, knowledgeable and will make you feel like an oily superhero!

So all of this sounds great, but do I have to sell stuff?

Heck no! If you want to join just for the oils and amazing natural products, that is exactly what you can do! There will NEVER be any pressure to sell....I promise. I think sometimes people get a little confused because, when you sign up as a member, you are technically labeled a ‘distributor.’ But most people in the YL community opt to just love on their oils and skip the business side of things. And that is totally cool!  

Okay, you still with me? I know thats a lot of info to take in and can feel totally overwhelming. But once you get the oils in your hands and start making small, baby-step changes in your life with essential oils, I'm betting you're going to be amazed. And the more you use them, the more confident you'll become with oils and the more ways you'll find that they can change your life.

If you've decided to order a kit and become part of the YL Community, Welcome! You're going to love it on the oily side of life!