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Why I Planned to Breastfeed My Daughter....and Then Didn't

This is not a pro-breastfeeding post. Nor is it a pro-formula feeding post. Its a pro-mommy post. A post about finding balance and your own way in motherhood. A post about planning to parent one way, and then discovering that way isn't going to work for your unique life. It is a post about why I had every intention in the world of breastfeeding my daughter when she was born....and then didn't. 

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Finding A Healthy Balance in Healthy Living

We are a family who eats veggies and cooks at home, but we are also a family that occasionally goes out for ice cream sundaes. We are a family who fills our lives with movement and nature, but we also deeply value cuddling up together in front of a favorite movie. We are a kombucha-brewing and water-drinking family, but my husband and I will occasionally enjoy beer or a glass of wine when the mood strikes. We are a family of balance, rather than extremes. We don't believe in "all or nothing" because we are in this lifestyle for a lifetime. We want our daughter learn balance instead of depravation. And we want to be able to live a life we can sustain, instead of trying to be perfect each and every day. 

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4 Things That I Do For Myself Everyday

My everyday life as a full-time teacher, mom and wife is busy. So busy, in fact, that it’s easy to lose sight of my own needs in the blur of the day. But no matter how busy it gets, there are a few things I make sure I always do for me ….and just me. Because I need to be one of the most important people in my own life.

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