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5 Steps for Getting Your Kids Involved in the Kitchen

Cooking with your kids sounds so great, but how exactly do you start doing that? With baby steps, my friends, with baby steps! If you aren't sure which baby step to start with, I've got you covered! Here, I outline the small steps to take to include your child in the food prep process and help them build confidence in the kitchen.

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Meal Prep Tips, Tricks, & Inspiration

Meal prep, next to meal planning, is easily the most important thing I do to set myself up for a week of healthy, headache-free meals. Why? Because I head into my week with a kitchen stocked with food that allows me to throw together a meal at a moment's notice. So, regardless of what the day or week holds, I have options waiting me at the end of the day to denture any temptation of ordering delivery pizza or hitting a drive-thru on my way home from work in the name of simplicity. Meal prep is something I commit to doing every weekend, because I know that if I skip it, I'll be a hurting, frustrated lady come midweek.  

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