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Banana Chocolate Chip Energy Balls

Banana Chocolate Chip Energy Balls are a quick, easy peasy and delicious ways to fuel up when hunger strikes or to appease a pestering sweet tooth.  Make a batch now and store them in your fridge or freezer for a grab-and-go snack or to bring to a gathering to share!

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Radically Red Smoothie Pops

Sometimes you have to take baby steps when warming your kids up to eating their veggies. Smoothies are my secret weapon for getting veggies into kiddos....and Radically Red Smoothie Pops will intrigue even your most cautious of eaters.

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Raw Avocado & Zucchini Hummus (bean-free)

This is a fun, veggie-filled twist on a classic snacking spread! This bean-free hummus alternative is creamy, flavorful, raw, and comes together in less than 5 minutes! Its a great way to add a little more veggie to your diet while jazzing up some snack time with a delicious dip!

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Sweet Cinnamon Chickpea Poppers

Sometimes you just need a little something sweet.

And these sweet cinnamon chickpea poppers are definitely that...little...and a little sweet.  A tiny pack of protein that is simple to make and a great addition to s salad, lunch box, or as an afternoon snack for the big or little people in your life

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Clementine "Pumpkins"

Looking for a fun and festive Halloween treat for your wee one that skips the sugar? These clementine "pumpkins" are easy peasy (seriously), healthy, and always bring smiles to those festively painted little Halloween faces. 

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