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Flourless Chocolate Protein Donuts (with hidden veggies!)

I am all about living a life of balance and think there is nothing wrong with an occasional treat. But, I am also all about finding new, healthier ways of living the life we love. A way to have our cake and eat it too....or, in this case, donuts.  Enter my Flourless Chocolate Donuts (with hidden veggies!). They bring a new level of health, deliciousness and nutrition that has never seen donut form before.

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Simple Homemade Coconut Butter

Coconut butter is a wonderful kitchen staple to have and comes in handy for those trying to cut back on their sugar intake. Gathering its sweetness only from natural unsweetened coconut, one bite coconut butter is all I need to kick a sugar craving to the curb.  While it can be a bit pricy to buy pre made, coconut butter is surprisingly easy and cheap to make! Just about 20 minutes of your time and you are stocked with beautiful coconut butter for the week ahead! 

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