The Only Vitamins I Will Give My Daughter....or Myself

The Only Vitamins I will Give My Daughter....or Myself

I had just about given up on finding a decent multi-vitamin to give my daughter (or one for my husband and I, for that matter), when I stumbled up Smarty Pants Kids Complete + Fiber and Smarty Pants Adult Complete + Fiber

Wholesome, nourishing real food. That's my "thing", the way I eat and how I aim to feed my family. However, despite how many green veggies, raw fruits, and fresh sources of protein and nutrients we might consume on a daily basis, getting ALL of the vitamins and minerals my family and I need to function our best is quite tricky. I'd almost dare to say impossible.

Okay, perhaps it wouldn't be impossible if we spent the entirety of our wake hours hunting, gathering, and eating like how our great ancestors used to spend their days. But I have bills to pay, things to do, and a life to lead beyond eating all day (though I can't believe I'm saying that). The modern day approach to getting all the vitamin and minerals one needs is a daily multivitamin. However, not all vitamins are created equal.

The Only Vitamin I Will Give My Daughter...or Myself.

Most multi-vitamins have plenty of really good things in them (like Vitamin A, B6, Calcium, and Magnesium). However, they also contain some pretty yucky things like artificial food dye Blue #1, Red #40, artificial flavors, and glucose syrup. Guys, that's just a fancy word for sugar. SUGAR!!! Almost every. Single. Kiddo vitamin is loaded with sugar. This fact seriously makes me so angry. Organic or not, I have struggled to find a clean and whole vitamin to give to my daughter and take myself that doesn't make me swallow my strong food beliefs before taking it. In fact, it feels counterintuitive to take something made with ingredients I wouldn't want in any other food! I searched the Internet and every health food store for an appropriate vitamin, and I finally found it. Smarty Pants Kids Complete + Fiber and Smarty Pants Adult Complete + Fiber

I stumbled upon my hero in a vitamin bottle while at my good friend, Amanda's, for dinner one night. 

The Only Vitamin I Will Give My Daughter...or Myself

"Hey, can you look at these for me? I found them at the grocery store and all the ingredients look good to me, but I wanted to see what you thought," Amanda said, handing me the green Smart Pants Kids Complete + Fiber bottle.

I scanned the ingredient list, searching for the fancy code words for sugar that are typically used to mislead consumers. Hmmmm. Interesting. Nothing to indicate added sugar. Or artifical dyes! In fact, Smarty Pants listed natural fruits, veggies, and spices as the source of their kid-friendly flavors and colors. No GMOs or allergens or weird preseratives. I also loved the addition of fiber and fish oil....something you don't typically find in a children's vitamin. I was suddenly hopeful I had found a worthwhile suppliment for my daughter.

Okay, now came the real test. Seeing if my child would eat this vitamin that boosts all this amazing natural goodness. I poured a few of the gummy Smarty Pants Kids Complete + Fiber out of the jar and handed the reccomended number to Alice...who gobbled them up and then asked for more. Much to her dismay, I told her she would have to wait until the following day, but I was doing a happy dance inside my head. Finally! A real, wholesome vitamin I could could feel good about giving my daughter.

I went to the store the following day to grab a bottle of the Smarty Pants Kids Complete + Fiber (I found mine at my local Sprouts, but you can also buy them off of Amazon or directly off of the Smarty Pants Vitamin website) and discovered that they made an Adult Complete + Fiber that was just as amazing in all ways as the kids formula! And they were gummies to boot! Filled with the same amazing clean and natural ingredients AND the minerals, vitamins, fiber, Omega-3s, and oils that the children's formula has to offer....just in adult doses! I can't tell you how many adults I know that struggle with swallowing pills for one reason or another, so having an adult gummy option that is full of all the vital vitamins and minerals we need to keep us pluggin' along is a saving grace to so many. Plus they taste oh-so great, which is always a win in my book! Needless to say, I grabbed a bottle of both the children's and adult formula and headed for the check out....and I haven't questioned my family's vitamin selection since.

If you are on the hunt for a wonderful multivitamin for your family, I think Smarty Pants Kid's Complete + Fiber and Smarty Pants Adult Complete + Fiber are wonderful, healthy options. Its just one more way to make naturally nourishing your family in this crazy busy modern world a bit more doable.

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