What I'm Eating: Week 2

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Another week is in the books and another 5 day meal plan coming at you guys! The early sunsets and chilly weather has me way more interested in snuggling with my daughter, playing Hungry Hungry Hippos with my family, or reading a good book under a warm blanket than it does in spending a lot of time in the kitchen. So this week, we were allll about the easy meals.

All of the following meals are:

grain free


dairy free (or with dairy free option).

1. Mushroom & Red Lentil Pasta Sauce over zoodles and sweet potato "noodles" with a raw veggie platter on the side. This was my first rodeo with sweet potato "noodles." I used the white sweet potatoes, which are considerably harder than the ones with orange flesh (want to learn about the difference between these two types of sweet potato, read this). I won't lie, it was kind of difficult cranking those bad boys through my sprializer, but I did it and they came out pretty dang tasty. A definite redo!   

The pasta sauce can absolutely be made ahead of time, but isn't so horribly complicated that it can't be made on the night of.  And, I won't lie, I had planned to roast some broccoli to go with this dish, but opted for raw veggies since my arm was so tired from noodling those damn sweet potatoes that I wasn't about to lift one more finger for dinner. 

2. Kale and White Bean Soup and fruit salad.   January should just be renamed Soupuary because soup pretty much sounds like the most amazing idea for every meal.  So expect to see soup on my meal plans until my flip flops come out of hibernation. 

I had actually forgotten about this recipe (which is kind of sad since its mine) until one of my friends recently made it and mentioned how much she loved it. I had forgotten how much it warms you up and how satisfying it is. It's loaded with veggies, comes together pretty quickly, and makes for awesome leftovers. All the key elements I look for in a dinner.

3. Sweet Potato Veggie Frittata with a simple green salad. Here I go again! A breakfasty type dish for dinner! I just can't help myself! Frittatas are kind of amazing in the fact that they can be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and it always seems to fit the bill perfectly. They cook up pretty quickly and easily, so they are the perfect I-have-no-energy-to-cook-dinner-tonight dinner. I like to enjoy mine with a salad or side of fruit and the leftovers reheat nicely!

4.  Snack Dinner! "Um, Taesha....what in the world is "snack dinner!?!" It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like; a collection of snacks that you serve as dinner. I love to do this on a Friday night when I have lots of little odds and ends left over from the week that need to be used up. Or it can be an assortment of munchies. It can basically be whatever you want it to be. The best thing about snack dinner is that there is no cooking required, just a little washing, chopping, and arranging on a giant platter or cutting board. You don't have to shop for a snack dinner, just use what you have! Here are some things that would make a great snack dinner!

  • raw sliced veggies
  • raw sliced fruit
  • nuts or nut butters
  • sliced cheese
  • Smoked salmon, prosciutto, or other smoked meats
  • dips
  • whole wheat crackers, organic tortilla chips, or (our favorite) plantain chips  
Snack dinner!

Snack dinner!

I'm sure there a few dozen things other things you could also use for a snack dinner, but this is a good jumping off point for ya! Get creative and report back, people!

5. Roasted Beet Salad with Goat Cheese. I was loving on this salad pretty hard this week. I ate it for dinner one night....and then made it again for lunch later in the week....twice. Yeah, it was *that* good. If you want a little extra protein on your salad, my husband swears it was through-the-roof good with my 30 Minute Honey Mustard Salmon on top! Of course, if you are shooting for vegan or dairy free, skip the salmon and the goat cheese and just add extra avocado....because more avocado only makes a salad better.

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